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Reconstruction of Northern Evia Programme: Regional: The Regional Governor of Central Greece announces the Culture Programme

On May 12, 2022, the Regional Governor of Central Greece, Mr Fanis Spanos, in the presence of Culture Minister Ms Lina Mendoni, announced the comprehensive Culture Programme drawn up under the Reconstruction of Northern Evia Programme.

The presentation took place during the Municipal Council meeting of the Municipality of Istiaia-Aidipsos. The Head of the Committee for the Reconstruction of Northern Evia, Mr Stavros Benos, attended the meeting following the invitation of Mr Yiannis Kontzias, Mayor of Istiaia-Aidipsos.

The Culture Programme is an amalgam of events and actions designed by Greece’s three major cultural institutions, Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall, the Greek National Opera and the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, as well as the vigorous cultural institutions of the fire-stricken areas. The spotlight will be on both the local community, production and entrepreneurship, and the friends and visitors of Northern Evia, who will have the opportunity to enjoy the island’s natural beauty while celebrating its rebirth.

The Programme will last from June to December 2022 and will include the following events and activities, amongst others: a swimming marathon; “Musics of the World”, a three-day music festival, and educational programmes (Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall); educational artistic and environmental activities and events in selected areas of Evia (Greek National Opera); actions and workshops encouraging and promoting the production of films in a climate-neutral and sustainable way (Evia Film Project- Thessaloniki International Film Festival); organised fam trips for journalists and bloggers, exhibitions presenting local producers’ profiles, actions to attract visitors to the area of the “New Forest”, agri-food actions, etc.

Consulting and organisational support for the programme are being provided by Somewhere We Know, as commissioned by the Region of Central Greece.

During the presentation, the artistic director of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Mr Orestis Andreadakis, delivered an address describing the importance of the Evia Film Project, which aims to transform Northern Evia into an international Green Cinema hub. The Chairman of the Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall Board of Directors, Mr Nikos Pimplis, also addressed the meeting, making mention of the exceptional collaboration he enjoys with Mr Benos.

For detailed information on the Culture Programme, please click, here.