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Re-inventing Public Archaeology in Greece – a scientific article by Dr. Nena Galanidou

An excellent article by Dr. Nena Galanidou, Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology at the University of Crete, was recently published under the title Re-inventing Public Archaeology in Greece.

The article appeared in 2020 as the seventh chapter of ”Material Cultures in Public Engagement: Re-inventing Public Archaeology within Museum Collections”, published by OXBOW Books. It summarizes the modern Greek experience in the field of Public Archaeology, examining two recent initiatives in Greece. The first initiative concerns the systematic Paleolithic excavation program of the University of Crete. The excavations have been underway since 2012, under the direction of Dr. Galanidou, at the archaeological site of Rodafnidia at Lisvori on Lesvos. The second initiative examined is the work being carried out for Greece by the DIAZOMA Association since 2008.

According to the scientific article, despite their different origins, both initiatives contribute to motivating civil society and forge a participatory approach to the protection of archaeological heritage, which does not exclude anyone.

You can read the article by clicking on the image below:


  • The president of the DIAZOMA Association at the Ancient Theatre of Microthebes (N. Galanidou archive)
  • Excavations by the University of Crete at Lisvori (N. Galanidou archive)