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NEA ODOS: Cultural, environmental and gastronomy routes from nea.odos.gr/tours with the support of DIAZOMA.

With the message “We live in a country full of “treasures”. Let’s discover Greece together!” Nea Odos, a corporate member of the DIAZOMA Association, has launched the “Tours” platform, the first cultural “map” of the motorways operated, maintained, and managed by Nea Odos.

“Tours” is a user-friendly microsite presenting 200 sights, 20 routes, and 538 stories, which form the wealth of the regions crossed by the Ionia Odos and the A.THE. Motorway from Metamorfossi, Attica to Skarfia, Phthiotis. For the implementation of “Routes”, Nea Odos collaborated with the DIAZOMA Association, Clio Muse, and Pixelocracy.

This user-friendly microsite is mobile and tablet optimized, and the content is available in English and Greek. The presentation of each sight is accompanied by a wealth of photographic material, useful information on local customs, traditions, and myths as well as interesting audio files that introduce the destination to users in an original and innovative way.

With the “Tours” platform, Nea Odos once again raises the bar of corporate responsibility in Greece and proves in practice its commitment to contribute to the protection and promotion of the country’s cultural wealth with originality and responsibility.

Click on the neaodos.gr/tours link, and your personal guide will take you on a tour through the environmental and cultural monuments, museums, sights, myths, customs, and traditions of the destinations that interest you, filled with sound, images, and unknown stories.

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