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The “MOREA” Cultural Route: a cultural cycling route from Kalamata to Ancient Thouria

The Municipality of Kalamata has submitted a proposal to the Region of the Peloponnese for the design of a cultural cycling route that highlights the city’s cultural wealth, connecting it with tourism and sustainable development.

The proposal was made in the context of consultations being held by the Region of the Peloponnese concerning the new NSRF 2021-2027 financing of the Integrated Territorial Investment actions being implemented by the Region via the “MOREA” Cultural Route.

The cultural cycling route will be a 12,600-meter-long peri-urban cycling route connecting the historic center of Kalamata with Ancient Thouria, following a coastal and riverside course that will join and highlight the Archaeological Site of Akovitika and the Roman Baths of Antheia. The proposed project’s implementation will mainly utilize the side road network of the Nea Ethniki Odos (New National Road) and the zone between the riverbeds and the riverside rural roads. At the same time, a small part of the route will pass through community roads.

The cycling route’s design caters to both the cycling community and walkers, who will be able to enjoy the city’s multifaceted identity, cultural monuments, and landscape.

The DIAZOMA Association welcomes this proposal, which ecologically modernizes the city and contributes to the cultivation of a new philosophy for urban movement through the “socialization” of monuments.