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A memorandum between the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and DIAZOMA Association in support of the DevelopmentProgram “Egnatia Odos Cultural Route”.

On January 15, 2018 a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed in Komotini between the Region of East Macedonia and Thrace and DIAZOMA Association. The purpose of both parties is to work together in order to achieve the optimal implementation of the “Egnatia Odos Cultural Route” program, designed and approved by the R.E.M.T.. The program is articulated around the archaeological remains of one the most important road of ancient Greece: the Egnatia Odos or VIA EGNATIA.

The “Egnatia Odos Cultural Route” is an Integrated Territorial Investment Scheme, designed by the R.E.M.T. within the framework of the Regional Operational Program (ROP) 2014-2020, for which a total of € 55.2 million has been committed. This program will “contribute to the strengthening of the touristic sector, the surplus from both cultural and environmental resources of the Region being invested in the sector, in order to shape a unique touristic identity and to enhance other auxiliary alternative forms of tourism. (…)”

For the successful planning and implementation of the “Egnatia Odos Cultural Route”, the following actions and activities have been programmed:

(a) Numerous technical projects, which will be implemented in the five Regional Units of the R.E.M.T. and will enhance their cultural assets, facilitate access to monuments and create links between the cultural and natural resources and the local economy.

(b) Mild interventions in order to create an integrated product of cultural tourism, such as  organizing the promotion of the destination by means, among others, of innovative digital applications.

(c) Actions involving local entrepreneurship and boosting the sectors of agri-food,  accommodation and services through the interaction of the local economy with the touristic product but also with the instances managing it (central state services, local authorities or private services).

(d) Creation of the appropriate infrastructures for the operation and viability of the route.

In this joint effort, on the basis of its expertise gained from its contribution to other similar Cultural Routes programs in other regions of the country, DIAZOMA will contribute to the following studies and actions:

  • Specifications for the Marketing Plan aimed at creating a branded cultural tourism product
  • Study on “Organizing the Participation of the Local Economy in the Cultural Route”
  • Study on “Digital Strategy for Culture as a guide to the use of new information and communication technologies in the field of culture”
  • Support of the Region’s services in the preparation of the mild actions already planned or potentially needed further actions, in the framework of this project

The above studies will be carried out by DIAZOMA and funded by members, donors and sponsors.