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Meeting of Stavros Benos with the Europe Tomorrow team

Amazing meeting with Stavros Benos and the EU team Tomorrow at #Diazoma office.
Europe tomorrow is an organization which focus on Today businesses, associations, governments and individuals work on the evolution of our society towards a more responsible world. Despite their strong social and environmental impact, initiatives now need to develop to a larger scale and cooperate to solve global challenges of our time. They are three social entrepreneurs who are convinced that focusing on social and environmental innovations could be the best way to create a sustainable society.

Boris Marcel, Malo Richard and Florian Guillaume of the EU tomorrow team with Mr.Benos.

During their stop in Diazoma’s office we had a great chat about the multiple projects that Diazoma runs in order to save Greek heritage. Mr. Benos also gave them interview where he explained how Diazoma Ascociaton collaborates with the citizens and the government. And also how they aim to restore old monuments and theatres to transform them into new places for local communities and local economy.