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”Let our past meet the future”: The Ancient Theatre of Acharnes

During the quarantine period due to the COVID-19 coronavirus (March-May 2020), students of Grade A of the 2nd General Lyceum of Acharnes were asked through the distance e-class to produce – among several others – a project on the town of Acharnes in the context of the subject of the English Language.

More specifically, the subject matter of this project was the town of Acharnes, with specific reference to its ancient theatre. The aim of this assignment was to remind the students of the glorious history of their town, and to get them briefed through a research on proposed websites of Greek content – including the website of DIAZOMA – on the ancient theatre of Acharnes and the progress of works relating to its restoration as well as the obstacles hindering it. Afterwards, the students were asked to collect relevant information and to write their own text in the English language so that it could be read by interested readers throughout the world. In this text they could express their pride in their town, they could inform readers about the ancient theatre and the efforts made for its restoration and, finally, they could kindly urge anyone willing to help in any way possible, to contact the people of DIAZOMA.

All this, on a theoretical basis, in connection with their English Language project. However, it was pointed out to the students that their project could potentially be posted, if they themselves desired to do so. Hereon, you can find attached the project of the student Gavridou Maria, who expressed her desire to have her text posted, being thoroughly convinced that in this way she could contribute to the effort of giving prominence to both the ancient theatre and the town of Acharnes in general, as well as to raising cultural awareness on a global level.

Teacher of English Language – 2nd General Lyceum of Acharnes : Christina Zarifi

Let our past meet the future – Gavridou Maria – Grade A, 2nd General Lyceum of Acharnes, May 2020