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Our Journey. Τhe Ancient Theatre of Aigeira

With the assistance of volunteers such as computer programmer Socrates Mehterides, digital tools manager Christos Chiotis, writer/archaeologist Katerina Servi and the scientific editing of DIAZOMA archaeologists Maria Sofikitou and Maria Kourasani, the renewal of DIAZOMA’s website architecture and updating of its scientific content is underway.

The scientific substantiation of ancient performance spaces was the starting point for DIAZOMA’s subsequent course and a priority from the very first day of the Association’s foundation. More than 100 ancient theatres have been catalogued and scientifically substantiated to this day, with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture’s relevant services. This information is available on the DIAZOMA website (see here). Extending its activities beyond the substantiation of ancient sites and using an array of synergies developing between relevant scientific and institutional bodies, DIAZOMA has commissioned and implemented studies on more than 55 ancient theatres during the past ten years. These studies help bring projects to maturity and contribute to the commencement of restoration work in ancient theatres. In securing the funding needed to commission these studies, the invaluable contribution of our Corporate Members and citizens who made donations to the theatres’ “piggy banks” played a significant part.

Conducting a thorough study and research of the Association’s material, DIAZOMA’s archaeologists will be informing you in the coming weeks of the developments and astounding progress made in Greek ancient theatres over the past decade and take you on a journey to magnificent ancient performance spaces.

Moreover, with particular diligence and care, we will be presenting the new holistic Cultural Tourism projects, the Cultural Routes and Archaeological Parks coming into being throughout Greece. These products utilise the outcomes of the full synergy between citizens, state bodies and institutions, sponsors and European funding programs. They aim to bring natural and cultural monuments to the centre of everyday life and durable and sustainable development. This information will be available here.

A journey to the Ancient Theatre of Aigeira

Our first stop is the Ancient Theatre of Aigeira. Boasting magnificent views of the Corinthian Gulf, the theatre is situated to the north of the ancient acropolis. Its construction dates to 280-250 BC, when the Achaean League was founded, and the Achaean cities were reorganised.

At present, the First Phase of the Ancient Theatre’s restoration has been completed. Detailed information on the studies and works pertaining to the theatre’s restoration and promotion is provided below:

  • The restoration of the ancient theatre of Aigeira as a sub-project of the larger project “Restoration and promotion of the archaeological site of Paleokastro Aigon (Ancient Aigeira)” was completed with €450,000.00 of financing under the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF)- Operational Programme (OP) “Western Greece – Peloponnese – Ionian Islands 2007-2013”.
  • Works on the monument began in August 2011 and were completed in December 2015. Archaeological cleaning of the monument’s entire koilon (seating area) and orchestra (performance space) was carried out, as well as stabilisation works and restoration work on the core of the archaeological site. These included the maintenance of the existing shelter of the small temples to the outside of the theatre’s right parodos (side entrance into the orchestra); backfilling of excavation pits; constructing a new main entrance to the archaeological site; modifying and expanding the fence;  placing outdoor information signs; marking visit routes, etc. Additionally, within the framework of the NSRF, agricultural land (property of Thanella) was expropriated to provide the new main entrance to the archaeological site.
  • The First Phase of the theatre’s restoration has been completed. (CURRENT STATE)
  • Commissioning a study for the Second Phase of the theatre’s restoration which shall include the restoration, maintenance and improvement of the overall functionality of the archaeological site is required. (NEXT STEP)

For further, detailed information on the ancient theatre, please click on Ancient Theatre of Aigeira.  

  • The Ancient Theatre of Aigeira (2013)