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International Network of Ancient Theatres teleconference- Presentation of the dissertation: “For a dynamic archaeology. Athens, two itineraries from the past to reinterpret today’s heritage”.

On Monday, 29 November 2021, the DIAZOMA Association was honored to host IUAV University of Venice Architecture graduates Ms. Martina Perini and Mr. Leone Carpini, who presented their dissertation: For a dynamic archaeology.  Athens, two itineraries from the past to reinterpret today’s heritage.

The teleconference took place in the context of the collaboration between DIAZOMA and IUAV for the creation of the “International Network of Ancient Theatres” program. The “International Network of Ancient Theatres” aims to create a model of cooperation, with an international character, its object being the scientific documentation, management, protection, and promotion of ancient audiovisual spaces. The first step in this collaboration is the recording and continuous scientific documentation of the theatres located in the broader geographical area of the Mediterranean basin.

Despite the fact that the historical city is a summa of multiple intimately intertwined pasts, the archaeological sites within it are primarily monofunctional enclosures isolated from the urban fabric. The main aim of this thesis is to reverse this state of isolation and return the archaeological record to cities and communities through an architectural design for archaeology. The aim of the research is also to identify an expedient capable of orienting architectural solutions, a vehicle for a more effective understanding of the archaeological city. Having highlighted the implications that collective events of a mobile nature have had on the definition of public space and on the system of city monuments, we choose to recover traces and paths, to be restored in coherent and organic itineraries, actively involved in restoring meaning and legibility to both the archaeological and the contemporary city.

A few years ago, while working on the dissertation, the two students traveled to Greece, where they carried out on-site research at various archaeological spaces and monuments along the axis of modern-day Iera Odos, the Ancient Panathenaic Way and the Archaeological Site of Eleusis. At DIAZOMA’s headquarters, the two students met with Professor Emeritus of Classical Archaeology, Mr. Vassilis Lambrinoudakis, architect Mr. Boletis, and urban planner Ms. Danae Antonakou, who are members of DIAZOMA’s scientific committee of the International Network of Ancient Theatres. The meeting led to a most productive scientific exchange.

At the recent teleconference, Ms. Perini and Mr. Carpini presented their completed dissertation to Mr. Lambrinoudakis, Mrs. Antonakou, and DIAZOMA Archaeologists Maria Sofikitou and Maria Kourasani and had a most productive discussion regarding the students’ proposals.

Supporting scientific research in the field of public archaeology and cultural management is an essential priority for the DIAZOMA Association, as it offers the country valuable intellectual capital. DIAZOMA stands by young researchers embarking on this personal and demanding path by providing access to its archives and library. Soon, DIAZOMA’s website will also host a repository of academic research to support sharing and disseminating research.

  • One of the very interesting proposals of Perini & Carpini to support the visitors' grasp of an archaeological site.
  • The dissertation being presented during the teleconference