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International Network of Ancient Theatres: International Seminar in Venice

The International Seminar “Greek and Roman Theatres in the Mediterranean Area” held at the IUAV University of Venice was successfully completed on June 11 and 12, 2019. At the seminar, the innovative project “International Network of Ancient Theatres (I.N.A.T.)”, which is being implemented by the DIAZOMA Association, IUAV and the University of Seville (see International Seminar program), was extensively presented.

The seminar was organized by Ms. Monica Centanni, Professor in Greek Language and literature at IUAV University of Venice, Director of “Classic.A” (the Centre for Research and Studies on Architecture and the Classical Tradition) and the scientific journal Engramma, and representative of said institutions at the International Network of Ancient Theatres. The purpose of the seminar was to complete drafting the online scientific bulletin registering all data concerning ancient Greek and Roman performance spaces around the Mediterranean, as well as the challenge of a fruitful dialogue on their cultural management and scientific documentation in general. The speakers were renowned representatives from the fields of archaeology and architecture, as well as students from IUAV, who successfully presented case studies during which they piloted the scientific data bulletin being drafted by the International Network of Ancient Theatres panel on ancient theatres in Northeastern Italy.

Following the introductory addresses of the Italian professors, architect and DIAZOMA and I.N.A.T. member Dr Konstantinos Boletis presented the diverse work of DIAZOMA in all its forms, referring both to the work of documenting and enhancing ancient theatres and the cultural routes projects aimed at connecting the cultural and environmental wealth of our country with sustainable development. Taking the podium next, architect-planner and member of the I.N.A.T. scientific panel Ms. Danai Antonakou reviewed the scientific meeting that took place in Athens last March. Ms. Antonakou stressed that the approach of all the institutions comprising I.N.A.T. as regards monument interventions is characterized by shared values and characteristics such as exceptional quality, innovation, synergies and sustainable development. Next, Professor of Archaeology and Head of the scientific panel of the International Network of Ancient Theatres Mr. Vassilis Lambrinoudakis presented the vision at the heart of I.N.A.T. and the history and current actions concerning the management of ancient theatres in our country.

Alongside the official agenda of the seminar, the third working meeting of the members of the International Network took place, during which the round of consultations for the drafting of a monument documentation prototype (scientific bulletin) was completed. Soon, the website “Theatron Network” will be launched online, a dynamic platform being constructed by the not for profit organization “Mataroa” thanks to the funds donated by the Paul & Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation. It will host the scientific bulletins for ancient theatres which will be compiled by the scientific panel of every country-member of the Network.

The next scientific conference is due to take place in 2020, on the “Ethics of Ancient Theatre Enhancement”. The aim of the conference is to encourage the scientific community to engage in an international dialogue on the matter of ethics in the management of ancient theatres.