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International creative competition for the cultural destination brand of “The Attica Trilogy: Eleusis-Athens-Lavrion” Cultural Route

DIAZOMA has launched an international competition for “The Attica Trilogy: Eleusis-Athens-Lavrion” Cultural Route’s destination brand, in the context of its cooperation with the Region of Attica for the realisation of the Cultural Route. The aim is to create a strong image for the Cultural Route in the Greek and international tourism markets.

The new destination brand is aimed at the tourism market, in other words, the travelling/consumer public in Greece and abroad, as well as the travel trade, which includes businesses such as tour operators, travel agencies, cruise companies, conference organisers etc. both in Greece and abroad, and will be used in all tourism promotion actions undertaken by the Region from now on. The new identity is not about the Region as an administrative entity, but the Cultural Route as a tourist destination, as a comprehensive experiential experience.

The prospective contractor will develop three (3) deliverables:

DELIVERABLE 1: Tourism logos

DELIVERABLE 2: Visual applications of “The Attica Trilogy: Eleusis-Athens-Lavrion” destination brand.

DELIVERABLE 3: Production of a brand manual for “The Attica Trilogy: Eleusis-Athens-Lavrion” destination brand.

Deliverable 1 must be delivered by the end of the Competition, i.e., up to and including the 45th day after the competition notice’s publication date (i.e., up to and including Wednesday, 2 March 2022).

Deliverable 2 must be delivered up to two months following the announcement of the Competition results to the participants.

Deliverable 3 must be delivered up to one month after the receipt of deliverable 2 by the Region of Attica.

The competition only applies to Deliverable 1, for which DIAZOMA will award three prizes of €5,000, 3,000 and 2,000 to the submissions receiving the three highest scores, respectively. However, the prospective contractor, who submits the proposal gaining the highest score, will be requested by the Region of Attica to prepare Deliverables 2 and 3 via a direct award, per the applicable legislation, i.e., receiving a fee that will not exceed €20,000 plus 24% VAT (in addition to the top prize sum awarded by DIAZOMA).

The full text of DIAZOMA’s call, which includes a description of how the Competition will be implemented, a detailed description of the deliverables, and the project’s requirements in general, can be found HERE.

The deliverables must be electronically submitted to the DIAZOMA Association secretariat at [email protected]. The e-mail’s subject must read Proposal by…. for the International competition for the cultural destination brand of “The Attica Trilogy: Eleusis-Athens-Lavrion” Cultural Route.

The ppt of the final Marketing Study of the Program, is available HERE.