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Hellenic Post: The stamp series ‘Ancient Greek Theatres’ and its symbolic significance in pandemic times

Source; newgreektv.com

On Wednesday, April 8, the stamp series “Ancient Greek Theatres” is to be released by Hellenic Post. It is the first stamp series to be published by Hellenic Post in 2020 and also the first to be issued in conditions of global pandemic and strict quarantine.

“In this unprecedented context, the release of the new series of stamps acquires a special symbolism: Hellenic Post is operating in conditions of extreme pressure and covering the country’s postal needs, adequately supplying its branch network with stamps and meeting the quality requirements of collectors,” Hellenic Post said in an announcement.

The new commemorative series consists of five stamps that reveal the rich cultural heritage of Epirus. These depict: The Ancient Theatre of Dodoni, which was an integral part of the sanctuary of Dodoni, the Ancient Theatre of Nikopolis, one of the most impressive monuments of Greece associated with the “Neon Aktion” games dedicated to Apollo, with a panoramic view to the Amvrakikos Gulf, the Ionian Sea and the Akarnanian mountains, the Ancient Theatre of Amvrakia, which is the smallest of the theaters that have been revealed to date, and the Ancient Theatre of Gitanon, which was built in the capital of ancient Thesprotia.

The souvenir line will be available until April 7, 2022, unless they are sold out earlier. Envelopes and albums of the first day of circulation are also available.

Philatelic collectors have the opportunity to seal their philatelic items with the Special Commemorative Seal of the First Day of Circulation, at the Department of Philately, as long as they have stamps attached to the series, with a minimum value of 0.90 euros.

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