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A Golden Coin for Ancient Messene

The Numismatic Programme 2020 of the Bank of Greece and the Ministry of Finance will be honouring the significant work of recent decades at the Archaeological Site of Messene, Greece’s largest archaeological site and a role model in its field thanks to the exemplary work of Professor Emeritus in Archaeology and Vice-President of DIAZOMA Mr Petros Themelis.

The Numismatic Programme annually mints commemorative and collector coins inspired by key anniversaries marking the year of issue, as well as the country’s cultural heritage, important figures and the natural world.

In this context, a mini gold coin of exceptional design and collector’s value dedicated to “Cultural Heritage-Ancient Messene” was produced, depicting the Arcadian Gate on one side. The Arcadian Gate is situated to the north of the archaeological site and was one of the two gates in Ancient Messene. It formed part of the ancient city’s fortifications and is an imposing monument to this day, a symbol of power and an example of high fortification technique. Already the emblem of the ancient city at the time of Pausanias, the Gate subsequently became an object of admiration for early European travellers.

The minting and circulation of the Ancient Messene gold coin with a denomination of 50 euro will be of a maximum issue of 1,500 pieces.

Coins are designed and produced by the Banknote Printing Works of the Bank of Greece (IETA) – National Mint. Further information on the Numismatic Programme can be found on the Hellenic Republic Ministry of Finance and Bank of Greece websites.