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«Getting to know the ancient theatres» Interdisciplinary learning scenario involving English Language and History of Dramatic Poetry at the Varvakeio Model Junior High School



During the first term of the academic year 2019-2020, the Varvakeio Model Junior Highschool implemented an interdisciplinary learning scenario for 9th-grade students of intermediate English (level B2+). The interdisciplinary learning scenario entitled “Getting to know the ancient theatres” combined English with the subject of Ancient Greek Language and Literature and used digital media. The scenario used original material from the DIAZOMA website in English to exercise the students’ written language comprehension and vocabulary skills. The students then collaboratively created multimodal texts using information drawn from the DIAZOMA website and the Ministry of Culture’s educational website “The ancient theatre in the cycle of time”.

Involving the students in this process pursued several objectives: meeting language targets for the subject of English, cultivating digital literacy and sensitizing students to the value of preserving ancient theatres. It led to the creation of twelve brief English language information videos for a corresponding number of ancient theatres, listed below. The learning scenario developed by educator Sofia Xypolia during training for B-Level teacher trainers at University Training Centres (PAKE) has been made available for use to DIAZOMA and the broader education community.

Getting to know the ancient theatres – teaching scenario (Greek)

Ancient Theatre of Dionysus https://youtu.be/NQh-683qlL0

Ancient Theatre of Ilida https://youtu.be/M7dTHPaFwF0

Ancient Theatre of Vergina https://youtu.be/VINqvuZl8ms

Ancient Theatre of Thorikos https://youtu.be/ntEXEvg-7f0

Ancient Theatre of Delphi https://youtu.be/Nt7Xi6tIMCk

Ancient Theatre of Dodoni (Dodona) https://youtu.be/h4xGTj-0wqM

Odeon of Herodes Atticus https://youtu.be/cNabvSZrOV8

Ancient Theatre of Delos https://youtu.be/A5KpCkPHC40

Ancient Theatre of Megalopolis https://youtu.be/P8tnxjzvUtc

Ancient Theatre of Cassope https://youtu.be/rc8Tx5zC_dg

Ancient Theatre of Epidavros https://youtu.be/cUW8RngdUn0

Ancient Theatre of Orchomenos (Voiotias) https://youtu.be/bQJCwkSdINY

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