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Generation D students enchant us with their vision!

On Sunday, October 20, 2019, the 5th Ano Diazoma Meeting, entitled “5 Years of Student Tour Guides”, took place in the tightly packed Eco-Zone Multi-space, with young people taking center stage!

The event was attended by the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Ms. Niki Kerameos, who watched students and their teachers present the education actions implemented these past five years within the framework of the Ministry of Education approved DIAZOMA program “Adoption of Ancient Theatres- Students guide students around ancient theatres”. In her address to the Ano Diazoma audience, the Minister stressed the importance of experiential, interactive and creative education that moves beyond the narrow confines of the classroom and reaffirmed the Ministry’s support for DIAZOMA’s notable initiative, which provides young people with the tools necessary to become the next generations of guardians to preserve and enhance monuments. Ms. Eleni Doundoulaki, Regional Councillor of Attica – Cultural Heritage Officer, also attended the 5th Ano Diazoma Meeting.

During the meeting, students and teachers from the following schools presented their unique and innovative education actions: Pierce-American College of Greece; Vamou Lower Secondary School of Chania; Primary School of Adamantas, Milos; Lower Secondary School of Feres, Evros; 7th Lower Secondary School of Volos; 4th General Upper Secondary School of Kalamata; 2nd Lower Secondary School of Artemida; 3rd General Upper Secondary School of Evosmos, Thessaloniki; Lower Secondary School of Eretria; Arsakeia Tositseia Schools of Ioannina, Psychico and Ekali; and, the Department of Sciences of Education of the Athens University of Economics and Commerce.

The 5th Ano Diazoma Meeting took place thanks to the kind sponsorship of Alpha Bank and the support of KERKIRA-ECONOMIA Publishing house, Draculi Coffee SA, Digiland SA, and VIKOS SA. DIAZOMA extends its warmest gratitude for their support and participation in this exceptional experience.

As of today, we set sail for the 6th Ano Diazoma Meeting of 2020, which will provide a platform for creative, visionary young people who take “active volunteering” to new heights with their participation and drive, through DIAZOMA!

You can explore Generation D, DIAZOMA’s platform showcasing its student actions, by clicking on the following link (in Greek for the time being):

Generation D Educational Programs provided by Diazoma

Photo gallery by Mr F. Koutroumbis (Diazoma's volunteer)

  • The Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Ms. Niki Kerameos
  • The president of Diazoma Association, Mr Stavros Benos
  • Mrs Mary Beloyianni, responsible for the Educational Programs of Diazoma Association
  • Mr Socrates Mechterides, the designer and Ms Maria Kourasani, the administrator of Generation D DIAZOMA’s platform