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Discover Greece; Make a difference with holidays in North Evia

There are so many reasons to choose North Evia for your holidays. The beaches are amongst the most varied in Greece and there are thermal springs that have been enjoyed literally since antiquity. Excursions here effortlessly mix culture, nature and amazing local produce, all within easy reach of each other… and let’s not even get started on the Lichadonisia isles. You’d never believe that you’re just 2-4 hours from Athens (directly by road or including a short ferry crossing to what is essentially Greece’s second-largest island). It all made the wildfires here in the summer of 2021 so much harder to take. But as the landscape recovers and tourism returns, North Evia (or Euboea) finds itself as a focal point of local and national initiatives – echoed by the New York Times, which included it as one of 52 Places for a Changed World – in which travellers are encouraged to be part of the solution rather than the problem by making holiday choices that make a difference. So here it is… your chance to make a difference as you discover all the fantastic things to do on your holidays in North Evia.

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