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DIAZOMA and the Vision for “The Athens Trilogy”

Source (in Greek); Kathimerini.gr

Βy Nikos Vatopoulos


Designing a new branded cultural and tourism product such as “The Athens Trilogy” is a vision on a national scale. During Diazoma’s first event for 2019 at the Athens Concert Hall the day before yesterday, its chairman Mr. Stavros Benos presented the main parameters of the Eleusis-Athens-Lavrion triangle.

A vision with a solid historical and intellectual foundation, The Athens Trilogy is moreover an Integrated Territorial Investment being progressively developed and implemented with all the necessary state and infrastructure safeguards as well as in complete synergy with key pillars of the private sector. At the event, two key members of Diazoma and eminent personalities, the jurist and writer Christos Lazos and Professor Emeritus of Classical Archeology at the University of Athens Vassilis Lambrinoudakis, each delivered an address on the physical relationship of Classical Athens with Lavrion and its mines, which provided its material wealth, and with Eleusis, which acted as its mythical, sacred and ceremonial counterpoise.

Athens is inconceivable without Lavrion and Eleusis, as are Lavrion and Eleusis without Athens. This relationship, fertile and tied to the origin myth yet undervalued these past centuries, now acts as the springboard for a wider, modern understanding of the capital as a major international destination. It is a plan that has the necessary intellectual background, theoretical basis and historical documentation to serve as a solid foundation for a modern plan to expand the very concept of Athens. Diazoma, with its members and standing with both institutions and private entrepreneurship, has set The Athens Trilogy as a goal of national importance that must succeed.

Τα μεταλλεία του Λαυρίου καθόρισαν την κλασική Αθήνα.