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DIAZOMA at Pierce College, American College in Greece

DIAZOMA at Pierce College, American College in Greece

On March 22, 2017, DIAZOMA President Stavros Benos, Education Program Manager Mary Beloyianni and Multimedia Applications Manager Evdokimos Fregoglou had the pleasure of being among the students and professors of Pierce College, American College in Greece, as they were invited by the students of the psychology club and the Unesco club.

For the second year in a row, the psychology club is participating in Diazoma’s educational program “Adoption of ancient theatres, students guide students in ancient theatres” and has adopted the Roman Odeon of Ancient Corinth, an exceptional experience for students and the participants, which they described in a short film made with the contribution of “OLYMPIA ODOS”.

This year the Unesco Club prepares a group of twelve students to participate in the annual conference of colleges of the AspNet network of Unesco which will take place at the end of April. The theme of the conference is “Managing Monuments on the Unesco List of Cultural Heritage in a Context of Sustainable Development” and the four sub-areas on which the students will develop their points of view are: 1. Importance of a monument 2. Criteria for inscription of a monument on the UNESCO list 3. Impact on tourism 4. Ways of highlighting a monument.

In this context, Mr. Benos presented the students with a video titled “8 Years of DIAZOMA” outlining the philosophy and objectives of DIAZOMA, which are the restoration of the ancient theatres, their enhancement, their integration into our daily lives and the participation of these monuments in the sustainable development of the country. Mary Beloyianni spoke about ways to connect students with ancient sites where artistic performances were once given, making them heirs to the world’s cultural heritage, and Evdokimos Fregoglou presented how DIAZOMA, using the tools of the new digital era, puts monuments at the centre of the life of modern society.

In addition to Nektaria Glinou, head of the psychology club,  Maria Korda, head of the Unesco Club and pupils of both clubs, Mr. Ioannis Kladas, the high school director, was also present as well as the teachers who had completed their course, as the event took place during class.


Mary Beloyianni

Head of educational programs of DIAZOMA.