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Diazoma Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Restoration of Ancient Theatre of Cassope in Greece


Working to showcase ancient theatres, Diazoma has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the necessary restoration studies for the “Ancient Theatre of Cassope” in Epirus.


The ancient theater of Cassope after the restoration.

The goal of the campaign is to infuse new life into one of the finest Greek theatres by raising funds for the necessary restoration studies through the act4Greece crowdfunding program.

Diazoma says: “The Ancient Theatre of Cassope is a place that seems to have been blessed by the gods. Perhaps because it remained untouched by human hands for many centuries. And perhaps for this reason it survived in such good condition. It has managed to retain the tranquillity that nature gave it in such abundance. Not least, the magnificent view across to the Ionian sea and the Ambracian Gulf.”

The “Ancient Theatre of Cassope” action will be open until December 31, 2016, with a target amount of 80,000 euros.

To make your contribution, press here.

A citizens’ platform, Diazoma, in collaboration with the Culture Ministry, tries to put the love for monuments and cultural heritage of Greece into practice. Diazoma focuses on the restoration of ancient venues for spectators and audiences and the focusing of resources necessary for their rehabilitation. Diazoma was set up in 2008.

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4 October , 2016

To make your contribution, press here.