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DIAZOMA and the Cultural Route of Epirus in The Mediterranean Lifestyle Magazine

The Mediterranean Lifestyle magazine (TML Magazine) is an online magazine – platform which showcases the values and other distinctive aspects of the Mediterranean way of life. Its articles cover areas such as cultural tourism, the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean, and sustainable development. The site’s visitor can find out more about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, the customs and traditions of Mediterranean countries, as well as become better acquainted with UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the region. TML also aims to introduce potential visitors to attractive Mediterranean travel destinations and local businesses active in the fields of gastronomy and primary sector production, which utilize and promote the Mediterranean tangible and intangible cultural heritage and contribute to sustainable development.

The Mediterranean Lifestyle was founded by Elena and Melisa Koyunseven, a mother-daughter duo with Greek and Turkish roots, based on Mallorca, the beautiful Balearic Island in Spain.

In the Culture section of its latest Summer Edition 2020 published a few days ago, TML Magazine hosted an article on the DIAZOMA Association and the “Ancient Theatres of Epirus Cultural Route” being implemented by the Region of Epirus with DIAZOMA’s contribution.

To read the latest edition of The Mediterranean Lifestyle, please click on the link below. The article on DIAZOMA can be found on page 174 (Culture section).



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