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D_HUB: An Incubator in Support of the Cultural Routes

In the past years, DIAZOMA association, through public and private sector synergies, has contributed to the design and implementation of new products of cultural tourism, such as the Cultural Routes and Archaeological Parks. At the same time as the design and implementation of the above cultural products, two new institutions were also born, which guarantee the longevity and seamless operation of the Cultural Routes and Archaeological Parks.

These two institutions are the Cluster of companies and the Destination Management/Marketing Organization (DMO). The creation of these two institutions has as its goal the support and promotion of the Cultural Routes in their entirety, as well as all of the stakeholders who contribute to their successful operation.

In an attempt to further support these new institutions at DIAZOMA, a special structure has been proposed by decision of the Governing Board. The idea was to draw young, talented people to help directly with the networks of companies and the new Management Stakeholders, taking the Cultural Route of the ancient theatres of Epirus as a starting point.

This new structure was named “D-Hub”, and Evdokimos Fregoglou, project manager of DIAZOMA, is spearheading its leadership. Evdokimos is organizing and directing the “D-Hub” incubator, as well as communicating with all the necessary stakeholders, in order to ensure the best possible organization of projects related to the Cultural routes. The other members of the D_Hub structure are DIAZOMA’s archaeologists, Ms. Maria Sofikitou and Ms. Maria Kourasani, who are both responsible for content production, including key research and study for the effective design of these programs.

As one of its external collaborators, DIAZOMA has hired Mr. Niko Stakia, Development and Management Advisor for destinations. Mr. Stakia is the unifying link of the DMO and Cluster companies of the Cultural Routes. Through visits to Cluster companies, he aids them in the development of their digital profile, and also supplies the necessary technical advisory support to prepare them for Certification.

Mr. Ilias Xantzos is also a member of our new structure through the collaboration of DIAZOMA with the Vodafone Foundation’s “World of Difference”program. He is an Advisor on sustainable development for stakeholders responsible for the management of the Cultural Routes. Mr. Xantzos’s goal is the development and strategic design of company training seminars for Cluster companies, as well as to provide advising and Marketing strategies.

Fotis Maragos has taken up the crucial component of communication. Mr. Maragos is responsible for the strategic design and communication of Diazoma association. He is responsible for the promotion of the Cultural Routes on social media. Furthermore, he reviews Multimedia content and texts for our digital campaigns.

Finally, DIAZOMA is collaborating with the company ELEGRAD, which is represented by her founders, Mr. Christos Chiotis, designer of visual communication, and Stathis Kalogeropoulos, director of works. As part of its support, ELGRAD is providing design services, development services, and conservation of digital applications for the promotion and oversight (management) of the Cultural Routes by the DMO’s. Finally, ELGRAD is providing free support for the participating Clusters of companies via web development and other digital tools.