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“Creating a website for the natural and cultural Route of Central Greece”

On Tuesday, 17 July,  the award for the project “Creating a website for the natural and cultural route of Central Greece” was signed between DIAZOMA Association and Christos Chiotis agency at the office of DIAZOMA.

The development program “Natural and cultural Route of Central Greece aims to promote the region of Central Greece as a tourist destination of quality, through the enhancement of the natural beauties and cultural treasures of the region and with the participation of the agri-food sector.  For the implementation of the route, which is a cultural tourism “product”, the following 4 steps have to be taken: ​​a) the creation of both archaeological and operational infrastructures, b) the design of marketing and digital tools for the program, c) the participation of local entrepreneurs through a quality pact and d) the program governance.

The website is a key communication factor for the successful promotion of the program and follows on the Memorandum of Cooperation signed last November between DIAZOMA and the region of Central Greece. In particular, the object of the contract is the creation of a website for the “natural and cultural route of Central Greece as well as the creation of three website templates for small and medium enterprises.

The website will be completed within the next 6 months and the cost of the project amounts to ‎€ 15000,00 (VAT incl.)

The cost will be covered by the John S.Latsis Public Benefit Foundation as part of its public benefit initiatives.

The DIAZOMA Association warmly thanks the Foundation for its steady support.