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Completion of the innovative program “Education, Entrepreneurship and Culture” 2018-2019

Source in Greek: dept.aueb.gr 



The innovative education program “Education, Entrepreneurship and Culture”, a product of the collaboration between the Athens University of Economics and Commerce and the DIAZOMA Association during the academic year 2018-2019 under the Program of studies in the sciences of education, was completed on June 12, 2019 by the evaluation of the work of the students who participated in this project by Dr. Vassiliki Brinia, Dr. Panagiotis Mastrandonis as well as Dr. Mary Beloyianni and Dr. Theodoros Benos, both volunteers from the Diazoma association. The theme that the students had to develop this year was: “Proposals for the enhancement of the cultural heritage of Eleusis as part of the Athenian trilogy”.

The students worked in groups after completing a series of training activities inside and outside the University. The work they did was of a high standard and worthy of the reputation of the AUEB. The project that won the jury’s preference unanimously is entitled “OUR ENTREPRENEURSHIP ELEUSIS FACTORY” and is the result of the cooperation between students Aristeas Troulinos, George Vassilaki, Elvira Karagianni, Dimitra Karanassiou and Paraskevi Markesini. The students’ proposal will be presented at the 5th meeting of ANO DIAZOMA to be held on 20/10/2019.

The successful collaboration between the Program of studies in the sciences of education of the Athens University of Economics and Commerce and the Diazoma Association will continue during the next academic year 2019-2020.

  • Vassiliki Brinia with Theodoros Benos,  Panagiotis Mastrandonis and Mary Beloyianni (volunteers from the Diazoma association)