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Collaboration of the “DIAZOMA” Association with the “Festival della Filosofia in Magna Grecia”.

The Diazoma Association, in the context of its choice for internationalization, announces with great pleasure, its collaboration with the Italian Cultural Association “Festival della Filosofia in Magna Grecia”. The objective of the collaboration is the enhancement of the culture of the two countries, the strengthening of identity and, of cultural exchanges, having as its point of reference the “Genius Loci” inherited from antiquity.

The Association “Festival della Filosofia in Magna Grecia” was founded by  Mrs. Giuseppina Russo (President)  in ancient Elea in Campania in the South of Italy, the birthplace of the philosopher Parmenides ( 6th – 5th century BC). The work of the Association was awarded in 2011 with the Medal of Honor by the President of the Italian Republic, for the ability to disseminate Philosophy among the younger generations as well as, for the enhancement and promotion of territories – symbolic places of Western Philosophy.

The “Festival della Filosofia in Magna Grecia” organizes every year the homonymous “Festival della Filosofia in Magna Grecia”. The Festival is an interdisciplinary educational program, realized in areas of a high cultural profile, symbolically linked to Western philosophy. The activities are focused on high school students from all over Italy. The duration of the event is four to five days and includes Philosophical dialogues, Philosophical walk, workshops and activities of practical philosophy, philosophical competitions “Anima la Filosofia”, meetings and comparisons, all based on a research-action methodology.

In 2015, the “Festival of Philosophy in Greece” was born. The Festival takes place in the archaeological areas of Athens, Eretria, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Delphi, and Corinth. This year, the festival arrives in Messinia thanks to the proposal of the Diazoma Association. On March 13th and 18th 2018, one thousand five hundred students from all over Italy –  the past two years the participants’ number has doubled-, will be initiated into the philosophical experience through two educational actions:

a. The “philosophical – theatrical walk” that will take place in the archaeological area of ​​Messinia

and b. The “philosophical dialogue” in Ecclessiasterio, the place for the assemblies held by the citizens of ancient Messinia.

The Diazoma Association supports the remarkable commitment of the “Festival of Philosophy in Greece” and shares the vision that, philosophy is still the foundation of politics, economy of our countries and is also an opportunity for the evolution of the critical thinking of the younger generations and of all citizens.

Please find more information here; “Festival di Filosofia in Magna Grecia”

Collaborazione dell’ Associazione “DIAZOMA” con “Festival della Filosofia in Magna Grecia” – FFMG