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Co-operation between the “DIAZOMA” Association and the AIESEC Organization

On 25th of October 2017, Mr. Miguel Domenech Mérte completed his internship at the DIAZOMA association. The internship took place within the framework of the association’s collaboration with the non-profit organization AIESEC. The collaboration between DIAZOMA and AIESEC was established with the initiative of the AIESEC Local Committee at the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Miguel Domenech Mérte has studied journalism and communication at the University of Valencia in Spain and the IHECS Institute in Brussels. He is also the marketing director for the AIESEC branch in Spain. His internship at DIAZOMA lasted six weeks. During these weeks, Mr. Mérte became acquainted with DIAZOMA’s day-to-day management and output, while performing research on the existing cultural organizations in Spanish-speaking countries. Finally, he explored the possibility of setting up partnerships between DIAZOMA and cultural organizations in Spain.

The AIESEC in short; Founded in 1948 is the world’s largest non-profit youth-run organization. It is an international non-governmental, not-for-profit organization that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural global internships, and volunteer exchange experiences across the globe. The organization focuses on empowering young people to make a positive impact on society.

  • Snapshot after the concluding presentation that Mr. Mérte delivered to Diazoma’s staff.