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Central Greece invests in its history and culture

One of the most important agreements for the promotion and projection of the archaeological sites in Central Greece was validated today. The Regional Governor of Central Greece,  Kostas Bakoyannis and the president of  DIAZOMA association, Stavros Benos signed a Memorandum of cooperation. This is an agreement that places the monuments of nature and culture of Central Greece at the center of life and in the continued sustainable development of the Region.

The agreement includes the following objectives shared by both the Region and ”DIAZOMA” association:
1. The implementation of important technical works and interventions to facilitate the access of  visitors to the “Paths of History -Nature Routes and Culture”. These works cover all 5 regional sections;  belong to many historical periods – classical, Macedonian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman.
2. The connection among the visiting of the monuments, the nature paths, and the local economy.
3. In mild interventions that are a prerequisite for the creation of an integrated ”product” in cultural tourism. These actions consist in promoting the destination, training professionals, strengthening of the creative industry and support for the local business networks.
4. Upgrading tourism services and infrastructure by increasing the capacity of tourist accommodation (hotels and rooms to let).

Following the signing of the agreement, Mr. Benos stated:
“The conditions of our joint effort are excellent because Central Greece not only has wonderful monuments but also has an excellent institutional background and people determined to create a development model, that could play an exemplary role not only for our country but also for Europe”.

After thanking Mr. Benos for an excellent cooperation, the Regional Governor of Central Greece, Kostas Bakoyannis analyzed the objectives set out as well as the new prospects their fulfillment might lead to.

Mr. Bakoyannis stated his optimism for the success of this joint effort and emphasized that “Today we ratified a significant agreement that places the spotlight on the unlimited cultural and natural wealth of Central Greece, its protection and its enhancement. We owe it to our history and to our culture. It is good to constantly promote our county but it is not enough to attract tourists by simply telling them “Come because you will have a good time”. We have to discover ways to attract tourists. First of all, this agreement respects our monuments and makes them part of our everyday life and of our local society development. At the same time though, it completes a high-end tourist package. We create and offer visitors a set of pictures. The pictures of the monuments as well as and the pictures of nature in a setting of high-level services. In other words, we are building a framework that can bring positive results to the economy of Central Greece and the whole country. Believing in the results of this co-operation is not just optimistic. Anticipated results have been evaluated and analyzed in every detail. This analysis shows us the way. A way that requires incentives to attract visitors as well as serious interventions on our part in order to increase our tourism.”

  • The Regional Governor of Central Greece Kostas Bakoyannis and the president of association "DIAZOMA" Stavros Benos.

Source; Η Στερεά Ελλάδα επενδύει στην ιστορία και τον πολιτισμό της – pste.gov.gr