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“Boulouki” – The participatory project ‘Under the Landscape’

The participatory project ‘Under the Landscape’ initiates a tangible approach to the traditional building techniques and the vernacular craftsmanship of Therasia, while exploring multiple aspects of the place and its landscape through alternative patterns for cultural heritage appreciation and knowledge dissemination. The following events, starting from theran materials and uses are:

The restoration project will take place in Agrilia and will focus on the repair of a major part of the main cobbled pathway (kalderimi) and its lateral dry stone walls. The pathway forms a passage leading to Panagia tou Lagadiou (in Greek meaning Our Lady of the Dale), a historical church-landmark in locals’ culture. In parallel, conservation interventions will be undertaken in two cisterns embedded in the pathway’s route and function.

These constructive elements create a significant architectural complex within Agrilia’s residential plan, while revealing aspects of the vernacular  technology; the drystone building and the preparation of waterproofing mortars with the local volcanic materials. Both of these almost forgotten techniques are remarkable because they depict an intrinsic linkage with the use of raw materials and they constitute both tangible and intangible heritage, as well as experienced knowledge living in local memories.

The restoration works will be completed through the professional apprenticeship and the 12-day hands-on workshop on traditional building techniques.

During five (5) weeks (23th August – 24th September 2021) six (6) young technicians will be trained on the use of volcanic materials under the guidance of three (3) expert masons. The apprenticeship is addressed to young professionals from Therasia and Thera.

“Boulouki” fosters the direct engagement of professionals who reside and work in the areas where each project take place,  aiming to the reclamation of the traditional building crafts by the modern enactors; the still active local masons.

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