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The “Ano Diazoma” begins its journey and awaits you all to look at the future from above

New Acropolis Museum

On May 17, 2015, in the packed amphitheater of the Acropolis Museum, ( a place symbolic for DIAZOMA since it was there the official announcement of its operation in 2008 was made) the first open meeting of the Ano Diazoma- the younger generation of the Diazoma members- took place.
The event was attended by members, volunteers and collaborators of the Diazoma, each from their own cognitive and professional field, who shared their personal experiences – in relation to the organization.

More specifically, the archaeologist Maria Sofikitou, the multimedia applications manager Evdokimos Fregoglou, the Omni Apico digital project manager, Socrates Mehteridis, the architects-engineers William Orestidis and Nikos Hatzidakis, the art director George Drivas, the documentary film maker Vangelis Efthimiou, the Public Policy Advisor and co-founder of Vouliwatch Panagiotis Vlachos, Maria Belogianni Philologist from the Varvakio School along with two pupils, the corporate communications manager of Titan Group, the writer-journalist and co-founder of the company The Crazy Rodia, Nadia Dracula and Theodoros Benos, a researcher at the Maastricht University and co-founder of gateway “gyri.gr”.

• 1st Meeting of the New Generation of the “DIAZOMATOS” Association, which was symbolically named by the organizers “ANO DIAZOMA”, received this name from the upper tier of the ancient theaters.
• Designed by the newest members of the “DIAZOMATOS” association.
• Philosophy: “The” ANO DIAZOMA “as an essential need. The embracing of the younger generation in order to get to know them better and in order to look for ways for them to join the activities of our organization. We also want to share our experience with you, those of you who want to find out exactly what “DIAZOMA” does, what you can do for the association, and what you can obtain by participating actively in it. Basically, what we really want to do is what we call “Active Citizens”.
• Maria Sofikitou, an executive member of Diazoma spoke about “The Contribution of the Citizens’ Movement Diazoma to the promotion of Ancient Theaters”
• William Orestidis, architectural engineer of the NTUA with specialization in the preservation and restoration of historic buildings & sets, talked about “Ancient theater restoration studies and the role of Diazoma. Thoughts for the study of the Sparti Ancient Theater”

• Lydia Giannakopoulou, TITAN Corporate Communications manager, spoke about “The Experience of a Corporate Member”
• Panagiotis Vlachos, Special Advisor on Public Policies and Communication and co-founder of www.vouliwatch.gr spoke about “The Cultural Routes of Diazoma as an opportunity for a new development model”
• Mary Beloyiannis, Philologist, Dr of Archaeology and Chairman of the Audit Committee of Diazoma presented the students of the Varvakio School Evelina Markopoulou & Niki Georgakopoulou
• Nadia Drakoula, writer, lawyer & journalist, co-founder of the Cultural Company “The Crazy Rodia”, spoke about “The experience of representing the Diazoma in New York and the crowd funding of Ancient Epidaurus”
• Theodoros Benos, “Master of Ceremonies”, Volunteer at Diazoma, Talked about the “general meeting of the Diazoma: Pleasant/ Interesting / Experience”