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The ancient theater of Taormina encourages Italians!

A symbolic message of encouragement and hope to get out of the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic is sent from the perfectly preserved ancient theater of Taormina in Sicily. The management of the “Naxos Taormina” archaeological park, the site of the ancient Greek colony of Naxos in Sicily, recently decided to illuminate the monument with the colors of the Italian flag, to give courage to the inhabitants of the country.

Since March 9th, the park has been operating in a “smart working” mode, using social networks to raise public awareness. Diazoma, acknowledging the strong symbolic significance of this initiative, sends its best wishes to the Italian archaeologists and to Italy!

Watch the video here

  • The ancient theater of Taormina Source; Wikipedia
  • The ancient theater of Taormina Source; Wikipedia


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