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7th General Assembly -Thessaly – 19-21 September 2014

7th General Assembly

Thessaly 19-21 September 2014
On Sunday, September 21st, 2014, the three-day proceedings of the General Assembly of the DIAZOMA Association in Thessaly were successfully completed. The turnout of the people was a great success, and so were the moments that we all shared.

  • The focus of this year’s General Assembly was the development of synergies between official state and nongovernmental institutions and civil society and the exploration of ways in which they can make a substantial contribution to the emergence of ancient theaters in our country and their link with sustainability and viable development. On Sunday morning the subject of synergies illuminated inspiring suggestions by the representatives of the Local and Regional Government of Thessaly, local archaeologists and members of the “DIAZOMA” Association.
  • Finally, in the framework of the General Assembly, the ancient theatrical discourse was once again heard in the ancient theaters of Thessaly, through events that had been prepared for us by members of the “DIAZOMA” association and leading artists such as Ms. Lydia Koniordou, Mr. Takis Farazis and Mr. Costas Tsianos, but also the Polyphonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Volos.
  • Several volunteer groups participated: Larissa – Active Citizens of Larissa
    (http://www.energw.gr), volunteers of the OKANA Prevention Center (http://www.kplarisa.gr/kpmain.aspx?catid=94), volunteers of the French Institute (http://www.ifa.gr/index.php/el/poioi-eimaste/parartimata/larissa) ,and of Nea Anchialou – New age Anchialou Association (http://www.anchialos.com/filoproodos ), Women’s Association of Nea Anchialos, Association of Thessaly Oxioton
    (http://www.oxya-na.com/oldsite/), which welcomed the members of the DIAZOMA assembly and played a catalytic role in the smooth conduct of the assembly, proving in practice that volunteering can do little miracles.
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