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5th Ano Diazoma – 5 years of student tour guides!

This year sees the five-year anniversary of the Ministry of Education approved DIAZOMA program “Adoption of Ancient Theatres- Students guide students around ancient theatres” and we will be honoring the students’ actions and imaginative creativity.

The 5th Annual Meeting of Ano Diazoma aims to: a) present and honor the actions of pupils in primary and secondary education and university students and exchange ideas and suggestions in order to shape the program together going forward, b) contribute to the cultural education of young people so that they may grow into conscientious inheritors and  capable managers of world cultural heritage, and c) encourage the growth and development of the Ano Diazoma network through new and original collaborations.

The first section of the meeting has an educational purpose. Presenting the action “Adoption of Ancient Theatres- Students guide students around ancient theatres”, which was carried out by ten schools, one from each Region in Greece, we aim to inform the education community (primary and secondary school teachers, educational project coordinators) and the general public about the education tools that will enable today’s students and tomorrow’s citizens to learn about and become closer to our country’s cultural heritage values and then transmit them to others (students, local community, visitors). The new educational platform «Generation D» will also be presented. The platform features all the educational actions implemented by DIAZOMA and the opportunities for participation.

Finally, the university student project «OUR ENTREPRENEURSHIP ELEUSIS FACTORY» will be presented. The project was selected within the framework of the educational action “Education, Entrepreneurship and Culture”, whose theme was “Proposals for the enhancement of the cultural heritage of Eleusis as part of the Athenian trilogy”. It is the product of the collaboration between the Program of studies in the Sciences of Education of the Athens University of Economics and Commerce and DIAZOMA, which has been running for two years.

The third section of the meeting is entitled “active volunteering” and aims to showcase the work of young people whose actions and active volunteering significantly contribute to the protection and enhancement of the country’s cultural heritage.

Moreover, the meeting will also host the exhibition “Ancient theatres and education: students “adopt”, create and educate”, which will feature students’ works (posters, literature, tour guides, educational board games).

We look forward to seeing you!

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