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The 4th high school of Kalamata guided 1500 Italian students in ancient Messini

The 4th high school of Kalamata which participates in the program of DIAZOMA “Students guide students in ancient theatres” during the school year 2017-2018 organized two guided tours on the 13th and 18th of last March  in the archeological site of ancient Messini. The 16 Greek students of the high school participating in the program guided the 1500 Italian students, who came to Greece for the Festival of Philosophy in Magna Graecia (Festival della filosofia in Magna Grecia). This was done in two stages: Tuesday 13, half of 1500 students and Sunday 18 the second half.  The Italian students, who were divided into groups of 25 people, were toured mainly in English with some translations in the Italian language done by the students of the Italian school of Athens who accompanied them. At the end of the tour Italian and Greek students attended the events planned by the organizers of the festival and presented at the ancient theatre of Messini. It should be mentioned that the theme of this year’s festival was “Friendship”.

The teacher in charge of the educational program is the director of the 4th high school: Dr. Vasiliki Pantazi.

The students/guides were: K. Georgopoulou, K. Karamitsos, K. Kapsambelis, A. Koufos, S. Lapiotis, P. Lyberopoulos, M. Mouzaki, Z. Dulaptsi, N. Pelekouda, D. Rebe, S. Rousopoulou , N. Souleimezis, I. Stathopoulou, K. Stylianopoulou, A. Tafilli and N. Hantzis.
Also participating were the teachers: E. Galanopoulou, Ch. Koutva, Ch. Manglaris, E. Nikaki and E. Sirma.

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