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4th General Assembly -10&11 September 2011 – Ancient Theater of Delphi

4th General Assembly
10-11 September 2011 – Ancient Theater of Delphi

After three years of fascinating progress between the archaeological community and the general community, Diazoma presented at the archaeological site of Delphi the absolute collaboration of all institutions and citizens of the country, aiming at the promotion and protection of the ancient places of view and listening. The presentation of Diazoma under the form of PANORAMA took place at the ancient theater of Delphi. The following overall picture is revealing: In a total of 36 theaters, 3 geophysical surveys, 2 expropriations, 6 excavations, 4 studies and 21 enhancement-(repairs-maintenance) operations. The excellent cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the archaeological community has multiplied the quantitative and qualitative outcome of this joint cooperation.



1. Geophysical research, 2. Expropriations, 3. Excavations, 4. Studies
5. Enhancement work (repairs-maintenance)

A representative piece of written work was presented on Sunday morning at the European Center of Delphi, as shown below:
• a proposal to restore the theater of Delphi
• commencement of the study on the restoration of the ancient theater of Delos,
• a new program contract between the Prefectural Authority of Athens and the Ministry of Culture for the resumption of work in the ancient theater of Dionysos,
• Presentation of restoration objectives for the theater of Orchomenos and the invitation to create the Orchomenos Archaeological Park of Viotia.
• Multimedia travel to the world of archaeological monuments through smart devices with the technology of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Positioning Systems (GPS)
• presentation of the first results of the study for the great Roman theater of Gortyna
• Presentation of a study on the theater of Kalydonas and the seating arrangement in the ancient Greek theater, which is carried out in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities in Messolonghi with the Institute of Denmark in Athens for the complete excavation, documentation and restoration of the monument. The project was funded by the Carlsberg Foundation and is supported both by the Ephorate and by the Municipality of Messolonghi
• Presentation of the new findings for the Orchomenos Theater in Arcadia
• Presentation of the research for the prospective investigation of the Study of Restoration and Promotion of the Roman Theater of Leukis
• A brief presentation of the ancient theater of Eretria.
• “Varvakio School in” DIAZOMA “: The pupils of the 3rd Gymnasium School of Varvakio, sensitized and through the teachings of Euripides'” Eleni “, adopted the ancient theater of Delphi and participated in a variety of experiential activities that took place in this holy place and this is depicted in a movie and blog, created by Niki Georgakopoulou.
• “Geographic Information Systems in Archeology: An integrated application and the possibilities provided to archaeologists and the public”

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