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4th Conference of the World Council of Epirotes Abroad (WCEA)

The 4th Conference of the World Council of Epirotes Abroad (WCEA) took place, from Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th July 2017, in Preveza at the Margarona Royal Hotel. Co-organizers of the Conference were the Region of Epirus and the Chamber of Preveza.
During the conference, the president of the “DIAZOMA” Association, Mr. Stavros Benos, spoke about the program “Cultural Route of Ancient Theaters of Epirus”, indicating the following:
“In Epirus, an innovative program is currently developing, not only on a European level but on a global scale. The program is the “CULTURAL ROUTE OF THE ANCIENT THEATERS OF EPIRUS”. The cultural route is a specialized and branded tourist product, which is shaped by a specific coherent element, antiquities. The aim of the above program is to be a driving force for the development of a region, a development that is sustainable, economically, socially and environmentally friendly but also to connect the great monuments of nature and culture with local entrepreneurship and the production of the primary sector of the region, as reflected in the philosophy of the new programs of the NSRF. (2014-2020).
The above program, which has already been designed with the leading role of the Region of Epirus and the Ministry of Culture, extends to four Regional Units and includes five archaeological sites as well as the ancient sites of viewing and listening (Dodoni, Nikopolis, Cassope, Amvrakia and Gitana). This work is the first project to be included in the new NSRF (2014-2020), with a budget of 37,000,000 Euros.
The success of the program will depend heavily on the participation of the Epirotes, not only on an organizational and business level, but also on a psychological and emotional level.
In closing, Mr. Stavros Benos urged all Epirotes to make their “route” their own CONCERN.