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3rd Meeting of Ano Diazoma : “A flight into the digital sky”

3rd Meeting ANO DIAZOMA:
“ICARUS: A flight into the digital sky

On Sunday 11 June 2017 at 11:00 am you are invited to the 3rd Meeting of the Ano Diazoma, entitled: “ICARUS: A Flight into the Digital Sky”, which will be held at the Πολυχώρο Eco Zone of the Publications of KERKYRA – ECONOMIA (6-8 Vlachava street, Monastiraki).

The focal point of this year’s meeting will be the presentation of the new “ICARUS” digital platform we are designing, which will be an invitation to all the citizens of the world to get to know and embrace the rich cultural treasures of our country. During this event, we will also be presenting the digital actions that we are implementing in order to protect and enhance our monuments. After the event, students from different schools will be exhibiting their original and great work which they have created under the action of “Adoption of Ancient Theaters. Students are guiding students to ancient theaters.”
For more information please find attached the program of the 3rd Meeting of Ano Diazoma.