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The 3rd Meeting of the Ano DIAZOMA: “ICARUS: A Flight to the Digital Sky”

On Sunday June 11, 2017, the 3rd Meeting of ANO DIAZOMA (DIAZOMA youth wing) with title “ICARUS: A Flight to the Digital Sky” was held at the multipurpose hall Eco Zone of KERKIRA – ECONOMIA Publications in Athens.

The meeting focused on the design proposal for a digital platform called “ICARUS”, which aims at being an open invitation to all citizens of the world to discover and  embrace the rich cultural heritage of Greece. Mr. Prodromos Tsiavos, attorney, Head of Digital Development of the Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens and a regular member of the association and Mrs. Maria Kourasani, archaeologist and member of the association spoke about the platform. Afterwards, Mrs. Phoebe Konstantinidi, Project Manager and Mrs. Mina Karatza, Project Support Manager presented the new website of DIAZOMA, developed by Postscriptum.

Maria Sofikitou, archaeologist and executive officer of DIAZOMA presented the extensive project regarding the documentation of ancient theatres being presently carried out by the association as well as the Wikipedia project.

Mr. Efdokimos Fregoglou, member of the association and Head of Multimedia applications, Mrs. Evi Papadopoulos, Ph.D in Archaeology, and Mr. Andreas Fatouros, founder of Clio Muse (SaaS platform) spoke about the digital projects for the protection and promotion of  monuments carried out by DIAZOMA.

A special moment of the event, a musical and dance event entitled “Persephone” by Anna Helena McLean, Lia Alba Ikkos-Serrano and their team was welcomed with enthusiasm.

The coordinator of the event was Mr. Theodoris Benos, founding member and volunteer at DIAZOMA.

Alongside the event, attendees had the opportunity to tour an exhibition in the Eco Zone, where school students presented their original artwork created in the framework of the project “Adopting ancient theatres. Students guide students in ancient theatres”.

Event snapshots