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3-DAY TRIP IN EPIRUS : From Aeschylus to Michael Gana

The cultural itinerary of the ancient theaters of Epirus, the program set up at the initiative of the region of Epirus in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and  DIAZOMA association, is ready to welcome its first travelers.

This itinerary is an innovative and high quality cultural tourism destination. It takes you on a journey to discover not only the beautiful ancient theaters of Epirus but also its impressive landscapes, its rare ecosystems and its rich culinary tradition.

Taking over, Melodrakma Universal invites art and culture enthusiasts to an original and exciting journey of three days on the themes of travel and theater.

This travel agency founded in Madrid by Greeks of the diaspora offers trips abroad from Athens all year round and, once a year, a thematic weekend in Greece. This year, inspired by La Barraca – the theater company of Federico García Lorca -, they decided to make you travel along the cultural route of Epirus in the manner of a theater troupe that goes from theater to theater and takes with it… the audience!

For three days, travelers will have the opportunity to discover the ancient theaters and to attend a theatrical event at the end of each guided tour. Thus, the “tourists” will be turned into “spectators” and the “monument” into a “theater” again.

This unique cultural trip will take place in Epirus from 9 to 11 March. Travelers will visit the Dodoni Theater, the Cassopi Theater and the Roman Odeon of Nicopolis.

Melodrakma Universal, Pericles Moscholidakis, Christina Maxouri, Elias Aggelou and Alba Lymtsiouli Monasterio will make this 3-day trip a true cultural event.

For more information: [email protected]; Tel.: 210-524 1960 & 6985 66 2014