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The 2nd primary school of Keratea adopts the ancient theatre of Thorikos

In the framework of the program “I CARE AND I ACT” and in response to the general invitation of DIAZOMA “Adopt an ancient theatre” the students and teachers of the 2nd primary school of Keratea adopted the gem of their region, the ancient theatre of Thorikos. They made handicrafts to contribute to the “money box” of the monument set up by DIAZOMA and decided to bring “familiar sounds and words” to the ancient theatre. Excerpts of “Peace” by Aristophanes and of “Medea” by Euripides were presented by the students of the 5th grade reviving the space and its magic! The performances were not open to the public because of the monument’s status and for security reasons. The students’ enthusiasm was great though and their performance very moving. On leaving the theatre, they promised to be back!