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1st Meeting of Ano Diazoma

1st Meeting Ano Diazoma
17 May 2015
New Acropolis Museum

1st meeting of Diazoma new generation: the name “ Ano Diazoma” was given to this new community symbolically inspired by the architectural elements of the Ancient Theatres.
• The community emerged from the new generational cohorts among Diazoma members.
Concept: “Ano Diazoma” as an quintessential prerequisite for Diazoma. Diazoma embraced its new members and prompt them to join the team and discuss the ways of their “integration” into the organization. Diazoma’s members wanted to share their experiences with those who want a more thorough look into the Diazoma’s mission & activities and are interested in participating and thus, learn from the effort. “Ano Diazoma” is the implementation of the idea about “Active & engaged citizens”
• Maria Sofikitou, from Diazoma team, discussed about the “contribution of the citizen movement to the enhancement & revitalization of ancient theatres”
• Guilelmos Orestedes, architect engineer (NMU) with expertise in the preservation & restoration of historic buildings & sites discussed about the “ Restoration Studies of the ancient theatres and the role of Diazoma. Thoughts arised by the case of the ancient Theatre of Patras.
• Lydia Giannakopoulou, head of corporate communications at “TITAN” commented on the “Experience of Being a Corporate Member”
• Panayotis Vlachos, Public Policy & Communications consultant, co-founder of “VouliWatch” drew attention on the “Cultural Routes of Diazoma as a new model of place making & development”.
• Mary Belogianni (philologist, Dr. Archaeologits & Director of the Audit Comittee of Diazoma introduced two new members, her students Evelina Markopoulou & Nikki Georgakopoulou
• Nadia Drakoula (writer-journalist & co-founder of the company “Treli Rodia”) shared “the experience of representing Diazoma in New York and the crowdfunding campaign for the Ancient Epidaurus”.
• Theodore Benos, the coordinator of General Assemblies & a volunteer of Diazoma discussed about ”Diazoma General Assemblies: Enjoyable | Interesting | Experiential ”