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11th General Assembly of DIAZOMA in Lavrio, Attica

The 11th General Assembly of DIAZOMA  association will be held on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September 2018 in Lavrio, Attica (ancient Laurion) on the topic: “The trilogy of Athens:  Eleusis – Athens – Laurion”.

The choice to host this year’s General Assembly in Lavrio is linked to the efforts of DIAZOMA towards the implementation of an innovative program of integrated territorial investment (ITI) for Attica, in cooperation with relevant authorities, aimed at restoring the links that once united the ancient city of Athens and its port Piraeus, the sanctuary of Eleusis and the silver mines of Laurion.

The main monuments and museums of Athens and Piraeus, the monuments of Eleusis and those of Thorikos in Laurion constitute the three poles of the ancient city of Athens. The monuments of Athens and Piraeus – commercial and financial center as well as military port – illustrate the political, democratic, cultural and commercial dimension. Eleusis with its Telesterion, where initiation ceremonies took place, and its Sacred Way testifies to the mythical and theological dimension while the remnants of Laurion with its silver mines, thanks to which the great monuments were financed, remind us of the importance of these resources for the political and military power of the Athenian Republic.

The first day of the event on Saturday, September 22, 2018 will start with a visit to the ancient mines of Souriza, where metallurgical facilities dating from the fifth and fourth centuries BC, which were used for the purification (enrichment) of silver and lead ores, are preserved. The main equipment of each workshop was the washing facility or katharistirion according to the sources and the large external cistern, which we will have the opportunity to admire.

The afternoon will be devoted to the procedures and ritual of the 11th General Assembly of DIAZOMA, which will take place in the great ancient theater of Thorikos.

The 11th General Assembly of DIAZOMA is also elective, according to the decision taken by the 8th General Assembly on September 18, 2016. Therefore, the election of the two new members of the Board of Directors of DIAZOMA will take place on Sunday, September 23, 2018 in a conference room of the Technological and Cultural Park of Lavrio immediately following the end of the General Assembly.