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The Athens Trilogy: Eleusis-Athens -Laurion at the Athens Concert Hall

DIAZOMA and MEGARON PLUS have renewed their collaboration for 2019 and will present four new conferences on the theme “The Athens Trilogy: Eleusis-Athens-Laurion” at the Athens Concert Hall.

Our goal is to develop and progressively implement, in collaboration with all relevant bodies and with the dynamic support of our corporate members, an Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) and a branded tourism product aimed at boosting the cultural and touristic interest for the city and the region of Athens and make it an autonomous destination. The archaeological parks of Eleusis and Thoricos at Laurion, as well as Athens main monuments (Parthenon, Ancient Agora, Pnyx, Theater of Dionysus, Stoa of Eumenes, Herod Atticus Theater) and museums (Museum of the Acropolis, National Archaeological Museum) constitute a single unit and illustrate the fundamental aspects of the city of Athens in antiquity. Eleusis with his Telesterion, where initiatory ceremonies were held, and its Sacred Way recall its mythical origin and its theological role. The monuments of Athens testify to the political, democratic and cultural influence of the ancient city while the remains of Laurion with its silver mines, thanks to which the great monuments were financed, remind us of the importance of these resources for the political and military power of the Athenian Republic.

The first conference will take place on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at 19:00. The speakers will be:

  • Christos Lazos, jurist, writer and founding member of the DIAZOMA association, who will address the theme “The Athens Trilogy: Eleusis – Athens – Laurion. A new perspective.”
  • Vassilis Lamprinoudakis, Professor Emeritus of Classical Archeology at the University of Athens and secretary of the board of directors of the DIAZOMA association, who will present “Eleusis – Athens – Laurion: a trilogy in antiquity”.

Photos of the conference below:

    The second conference, on Thursday, February 28, 2019 at 19:00, will host the following speakers:

    • Panos Valavanis, Professor of Classical Archeology at the University of Athens on the theme: “Athens: the cultural imprint of the monuments of the ancient city”
    • Nikos Vatopoulos, journalist and member of the DIAZOMA association who will present “The added value of Athens, Mediterranean capital”.


    Photos of the conference below:

      The third conference will be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 7:00 pm and will welcome the following speakers:

      • Petros Themelis, Professor Emeritus of Classical Archeology at the University of Crete and vice-president of the DIAZOMA Association, who will present “My Eleusis”
      • Gabriel Campanis, vice-chairman of ELEFSINA 2021 board, on the theme: “Eleusis is not a site, it’s a living body”.

      Photos of the conference below:

        At the fourth and last conference on Thursday, June 13, 2019 at 19:00, the speakers will be:

        • Andreas Kapetanios, archaeologist and Assistant Professor at the Ionian University, “Chthonian labour: Ancient Laurion men and earth”
        • Nikos Belavillas, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, “The Two Epochs of Laurion. A successful 20-year program”.