Minoan Palaces Cultural Route – “MINOS”

Crete’s Minoan civilization is not only the oldest in Europe but also one of the most fascinating cultures in the world. From cosmopolitan Knossos to remote and atmospheric Zakro, from palace to palace, this cultural route connects Crete’s unparalleled cultural heritage with the local economy and entrepreneurship.

Progress of Actions and Projects
Initial Planning Inclusion in a Funding Programme Infrastructure Marketing Plan - Digital Strategy Entrepreneurship Destination Management & Marketing Organisation (DMO)


The DIAZOMA Association has been collaborating with the Region of Crete to design and implement a new Integrated Territorial Investment within the New Operational Programme of the Region of Crete 2021-2027: the Cultural Route to the island’s Minoan palaces (proposed name “MINOS”).

The ITI in question provides for the implementation of a multitude of technical projects. They will enhance the cultural wealth of the Region of Crete, upgrade the quality of the Region’s tourist product, and offer visitors unforgettable experiences during their visits to the island’s monuments. Furthermore, the projects will create a network between the island’s unparalleled cultural reserves, namely the Minoan palaces, and the local economy and entrepreneurship.

Poles of Attraction

The “MINOS” Cultural Route poles of attraction will be determined after consultation.


The budget will be set upon approval of the programme.