Cultural Route of Thera (Santorini)

How many treasures can a small island hide? Countless, if the island in question is Santorini. Monuments, museums, gastronomy, viticulture, and unique natural and man-made environments converge in a Cultural Route capable of transforming them into a tourism product of even higher quality and popularity.

Progress of Actions and Projects
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The Cultural Route of Santorini aims to formulate a local tourism strategy that focuses on culture and to attract visitors actively interested in Santorini. The Cultural Route’s starting point is the island’s two world-class archaeological sites and two archaeological museums:

In addition to the sites of archaeological interest, the traditional settlements of the island lie at the heart of the Cultural Route of Santorini, with the village of Oia taking pride of place. Numerous remarkable elements of past and contemporary culture complete the Route, such as specialty museums, cultural events, gastronomy, and winemaking, which are already noteworthy attractions but still offer considerable scope for qualitative and quantitative improvement.

Poles of Attraction

The Cultural Route of Santorini offers the following poles of attraction:


The budget will be set upon approval of the programme.