Cultural Route of the Peloponnese -MOREA

Unique monuments, stunning landscapes, rare ecosystems, a rich culinary and artistic tradition… the Peloponnese has it all! Now, it acquires the means to showcase its multidimensional identity: The “Morea” Cultural Route.

Progress of Actions and Projects
Initial Planning Inclusion in a Funding Programme Infrastructure Marketing Plan - Digital Strategy Entrepreneurship Destination Management & Marketing Organisation (DMO)


DIAZOMA proposes the design and implementation of the “Morea” Cultural Route: A journey from ancient to modern cities. This Cultural Route is a multi-layered and holistic cultural tourism proposal for the Region of the Peloponnese. The Route will focus on eight urban centers characterized by long historical and cultural continuity (Corinth, Argos, Nemea, Tripoli, Megalopolis, Messene, Sparta, and Pylos). Its goal is to showcase the unique cultural monuments of the Peloponnese, its stunning landscapes, rare ecosystems, rich culinary tradition, and contemporary production and creation.

Poles of Attraction

The Route will focus on 8 urban centers characterized by long historical and cultural continuity, eight poles of attraction through which the MOREAS Motorway passes:

  1. a) Pole of Corinth (Corinth, Ancient Corinth, Sicyon)
  2. b) Pole of Argos (Argos, Nafplion, Epidaurus – Mycenae)
  3. c) Pole of Nemea (Nemea – Ancient Nemea)
  4. d) Pole of Tripoli (Arcadia Mountains, Ancient Theatres of Tegea, Arcadian Orchomenus and Mantinea)
  5. e) Pole of Megalopolis (Megalopolis – Megalopolis Archaeological Site)
  6. f) Pole of Messene (Messene — Ancient Messene – Kalamata — Ancient Theatre of Thouria)
  7. g) Pole of Sparta (Sparta — Sparta Archaeological Site — Mystras)
  8. h) Pole of Pylos (Pylos – Palace of Nestor — Methoni — Koroni).


The budget will be set upon approval of the programme.