The Attica Trilogy: Eleusis-Athens-Lavrion

The 21st-century traveler seeks to explore beyond the surface. The “Attica Trilogy” offers just that: a destination that allows the traveler to explore the breadth and depth of this legendary ancient city and become immersed in all its dimensions.

Progress of Actions and Projects
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The Attica Trilogy is a dynamic initiative recently being developed by DIAZOMA and all the relevant bodies, aiming to design and implement an innovative Integrated Territorial Investment programme for Attica entitled “The Attica Trilogy”.

The archaeological parks of Eleusis and Thoricus (Thorikos-Lavrion) in combination with the significant monuments and museums of Athens (Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Agora, Pnyx, Theatre of Dionysus, Stoa of Eumenes, Odeon of Herodes Atticus, National Archaeological Museum of Athens) form an entity which showcases the fundamental aspects of ancient Athens. Eleusis (Telesterion) and the Hiera Odos highlight the city’s mythical, theological, and mystical elements. Athens’ monuments underscore the city’s political, democratic, and cultural nature. Lavrion and its silver mines reflect the political and military might of the Athenian Democracy.

The programme aims to upgrade the quality of the tourism product, promote the diffusion of visitors, and transform Athens from a point of passage to a destination.

Poles of Attraction

The Route’s main poles of attraction are Athens, Lavrion, Eleusis, and Piraeus.


The budget will be set upon approval of the programme.



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