Ancient Theatre of Platiana Local Cultural Route

Monument means reminder. A monument’s intangible dimension fades when its material form disintegrates. The ancient theatre of Platiana no longer risks being forgotten. It is being restored to become the reminder of all that happened in the mountains of Elis and a living hub of the Olympia Odos Cultural Route.

Progress of Actions and Projects
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In May 2019, the proposal to restore the ancient theatre of Platiana was approved. The proposal was submitted by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Ilia (Elis) within the framework of the “Rural Development 2014-2020” call for proposals, sub-measure 19.2: “Support for the implementation of operations under the community-led local development strategy” (private actions) implemented by   Olympias (Development Agency of Olympia S.A. -ANOL). The archaeological site of Platiana will also be one of the poles of attraction of the Olympia Odos Cultural Route.


The recent approval concerns the implementation of the first phase of the theatre restoration works (scene building) and has a budget of 300,000 euros.


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