The “Alexandros (Alexander the Great)” Cultural Route

Eight ancient cities, landmarks in the history of Macedonia, become the links of a wondrous chain connecting nature, culture, and entrepreneurship for the first time. Taking its name from the renowned king of Macedonia, the man who changed the face of the world, the “Alexandros (Alexander the Great) Cultural Route” aims to change the face of Central Macedonia by paving the way for new development.

Progress of Actions and Projects
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DIAZOMA proposes the planning and implementation of the “Alexandros (Alexander the Great)” Cultural Route in the Region of Central Macedonia. Eight archeological sites and ancient cities connected with the life of Alexander the Great will form the nucleus of the Cultural Route: Pella, Aigai-Vergina, Mieza- School of Aristotle, Stageira, Dion, Amphipolis, Thessaloniki, Kilkis.

This is a proposal for the design of a new Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) to be implemented within the framework of the Regional Operational Programme for Central Macedonia 2021-2027.

Poles of Attraction

The proposal recommends that the “Alexandros (Alexander the Great) Cultural Route” focus on eight archaeological sites-ancient cities connected with Alexander the Great’s life in Central Macedonia. The following eight poles of attraction are suggested as a starting point for discussions between institutions and the citizens of the Region of Central Macedonia:


The proposed Cultural Route can be implemented utilizing the new NSRF 2021-2027. The budget will be set upon approval of the programme.


The map of the Cultural Route
The map of the “Alexandros (Alexander the Great) Cultural Route”